Electronic circulator pump IBO MAGI 25-40/180

Electronic circulator pump IBO MAGI 25-40/180 The MAGI series circulating pump is equipped with a permanent magnet motor and a differential pressure regulator, which automatically and continuously adjusts the pump output to achieve the best system efficiency. The pump control panel is located at the top of the pump, which makes it easier for users to operate. The display also shows the current electricity consumption. The pump is supplied with screw connections, seals and an adapter for cable connection. The device can operate in 8 modes: AUTO (factory setting), BL1 / BL2 proportional pressure curve, HD1 / HD2 constant pressure curve, HS1 / HS2 / HS3 constant speed curve. Suitable for: heating system with variable pipe temperature heating system with constant temperature and variable flow heating system with night mode domestic heating system and domestic hot water system air conditioning industrial circulatory system Technical parameters: Max. flow rate: 50 l / min Max. displacement: 4 m Engine power: 0.05-0.22 kW Construction length: 180 mm Color: black and red Connecting thread: 6/4 "
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