Cetamine G817 20kg

Cetamine G817 20kg  Cetamine® is the most modern technology for protecting boilers, heat exchangers and closed water systems from corrosion and scale, based on the formation of a protective film.    Cetamine G817 is used for steam generators intended for direct contact of steam with food, for the food industry, the beverage industry and selected sterilization of clothing. Features: The polyamines in the product form a protective film that creates a barrier between the oxygen dissolved in the water and the surfaces, thus preventing corrosion.  Descaling. pH control thanks to the presence of polyamines.  The main advantages of using Cetamine®:  Complete protection thanks to hydrophobic protective film; Complete water treatment concept with little effect on throughput; Reduced water consumption and reduced boiler repair costs; Reduced energy consumption by optimizing heat exchange; Increased productivity and reliability; Simple dosing and control. Cetamine® G817 is an organic fluid product for protection against corrosion in steam generators and boiler houses by forming a Cetamine® protective film on the metal surface and regulating it to the optimum pH value range. It is an organic corrosion inhibitor designed for use in food industry steam boilers. All components of the Cetamine® G817 are volatile. The concentration ratio of these components is balanced to provide effective corrosion protection throughout the system, including the steam and condensate systems. Cetamine® G817 provides complete protection for systems that contain copper or copper alloys. This product is suitable for water that is prepared with softening, reverse osmosis or ion exchange technology.  Thanks to the formation of a stable protective film Cetamine® , the Cetamine® G817 can be used further for non-stop operation of the equipment and also provides complete protection of the equipment during its shutdown.   Cetamine® G817 is designed to protect boilers that produce steam for food processing other than milk and dairy products. It complies with the provisions of the Food, Cosmetics and Drug Act and all applicable regulations, including FDA 21 C.F.R. 173.310 if the concentration of the Cetamine® G817 does not exceed 55 g/m³. The dosage of the Cetamine® G817 is different for each system, so ŠOMIS specialists will help you to choose the right dosage. Typical dosage of Cetamine® G817 is 15 to 55 g/m³ and should be regligrated until the pH value is higher than 8.8 g/m³ and the CFA concentration in the system is lower than 0.5 g/m³. Cetamine® G817 should be dosed using an automatic dosing system.  Dosage: 30 – 120 ml / m3 Types of "G" cetamines: Cetamine G 810 - for steam boilers with softened water Cetamine G 811 - for steam production with turbines Cetamine G 817 - for the food and beverage industry
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