TEKAPUR tube foam winter B3 750 ml

TEKAPUR tube foam winter B3 750 ml (spray) It is used for sealing, mounting, filling, insulating and installing at temperatures up to – 10 °C. Tekapur Standard Winter is a one-component polyurethane foam hardening by air humidity. Its use is simple and practical even in wintertime. The outputs and structure of foam are excellent also in cases when the can is exposed to low temperatures. Technical parameters: Volume 33–38l (free foamed) (750ml) Specific density 20–25 kg/m3 Application temperature -10°C to +25°C Tack free time 5–10 min. Cutting time 25–30 min. Hardening time 1,5–5 hours, depending on temperature and humidity Temperature resistance from -40°C to +90°C Dimensional stability max. ±5% Water absorption max. 1 vol.% Compression strength 0,04–0,05 MPa Tensile strength 0,12–0,14 MPa Elongation at break 20–25% Thermal conductivity 0,039 W/(m K) at 20°C Flammability class F
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