Touch screen room thermostat Siemens RDF 800KN (for 2-pipe or)

Siemens RDF 800KN  Touch screen room thermostat with KNX communications, for 2-/4- pipe fan coil, universal applications or compressors in DX-type equipment KNX communications Operating modes: Comfort, Economy and Protection For heating and/or cooling applications 2 or 3-position control outputs Output for 1-speed or 3-speed fan 2 multifunctional inputs for keycard contact, external room / return air temperature (QAH11.1, QAA32), heat / cool changeover, window contact on/off, dewpoint monitor, electrical heater enabled, fault contact, presence detector Automatic or manual heating/cooling changeover Adjustable commissioning and control parameters Minimum and maximum setpoint limitation Color of housing: Ivory white (RAL 9001) Backlit display Application selectable: 2-pipe system 2-pipe system with electrical heater 4-pipe system
324,94 €