Oxygen scavenger Vodamkor (500 ml)

Oxygen scavenger Vodamkor Vodamkor is a product based on film-forming tannins. The tannin space molecule ensures the creation of a more robust microfilm that is more firmly attached to the metal surface. The rich structure of the molecule also absorbs the oxygen present in the water, as well as magnesium and calcium ions. At the same time, tannin creates an alkaline environment, which also helps to suppress corrosion. Natural tannins are alkaline, form a robust and durable microfilm, absorb oxygen and inorganic salts. Their dosage is significantly lower than for other products. They are suitable for hot water heating, for steam production, for food and beverage purposes and for reducing the corrosivity of condensed water. Specification: creates a protective microfilm on metal, ceramic and plastic surfaces dosage: 500 ml per 600 l of boiler water 
40,60 €