Kitchen sink Line 80

Stainless steel kitchen sink Form 30  Material: Inox steel Installation types: Inset (I) Number of bowls: 1 Dimensions (mm): 790 x 500 Bowl size (mm): 340 x 420 x 160 Cabinet size (mm): 450 Weight (kg): 3,6 Available surface finish: natural, decor  Alveus stainless CrNi 18/10 easy to keep clean and a high level of hygiene resistance to high temperature and sudden temperature changes impact resistance resistance to chemical effects 100% recycling The sink has no tap hole.For a fee, we can make a hole for the battery or dispenser. If interested, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Package includes: siphon set = drain fitting + odor closure cap with branch for a dishwasher,reticulated 3 1/2" overflow valve, mounts, seal.
93,16 €