Solar set no 8.

Solar set no 8.  COMPLETE SPECIFICATIONS: 2x collector 2100TLP ACR + 250 L solar DHW tank Total area of one collector 2,06 m2, absorption surface of one collector 1,82 m2, high optical efficiency 79,1 % according to ISO 09806. The solar set is designed for domestic water heating for the standard needs of 2-4 people with optimal settings of solar collectors. The basic elements of this solar set consist of two solar collectors KS2100F TLP ACR with structural anti-reflective glass, their glass is of the highest quality, radiation transmittance up to 96.7%, high optical efficiency 79.1%, load capacity up to 100 kg / m2, total the area of one collector is 2.06 m2, the total dimension is 2018 x 1037 x 89 mm and the surface of the absorption area is 1.82 m2. The total absorption area of the set is 3.64 m2, the set includes a water heater with a volume of 200 liters. The solar kit can be used in residential, operational, office and other buildings where there is a demand for heat usable water. Solar collectors can be installed on a sloping or flat roof, as well as on the facade of a building or on the ground thanks to a wide range of mounting brackets. This solar system is suitable if you expect optimal investment costs while maintaining high work efficiency. Solar set no. 8 (149204) contains:   DESCRIPTION CODE PCS Solar collector KS2100F TLP ACR 144802 2 Solar pump unit ALEX 713408 1 MiniSOL controller for smartphone 740215 1 Connection set ZPKS2 for 2 collectors 470102 1 DHW storage tank OKC 250 L with two exchangers 862500H 1 Antifreeze 20 L, up to -25°C for solar and heating systems  803020 1 Manual solar pump for filling solar systems 730200 1 Expansion vessel 18 l for solar systems 42L222A 1 Choose a set with the right roof racks according to the slope and type of roofing: CODE DESCRIPTION 1492041 basic set no. 8+ Sloping roof racks from 30 ° pitch for H6303 screwsor+ Sloping roof racks from 30 ° pitch for H6403 hooks 1492042 basic set no. 8+ Sloping roof racks from 15 ° to 30 ° pitch for H6503 screwsor+ Sloping roof racks from 15 ° to 30 ° for H6603 hooks 1492043 basic set no. 8+ Flat roof racks up to a slope of 15 ° H6003
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