Mechanical filter Profi Comfort 5/4" - 1"

Mechanical filter Profi Comfort 5/4" - 1" Compared to similar filters on the market, it has a larger filtration area, which results in a lower pressure drop, which can lead to significant added value. Filter Profi COMFORT filters mechanical impurities up to a fineness of 40 µm the stainless steel filter insert is rinsed with a drain cock at the bottom is equipped with a built-in manometer from which the water inlet pressure can be easily read the inlet / outlet side can be rotated up to 360 ° (marked 360 °), so it can be connected in any position Parameters: Flow rate: 8 m³/h Connection: 5/4" - 1" Filter insert: stainless steel Filtration fineness: 40µm Pressure impact: 12 - 50bar Drain valve: yes Rotatable connection: yes Built-in pressure gauge: yes
350,16 €