Solar pump unit ALEX HX10

Solar pump unit S2 Solar 3 - designed for smaller solar installations with a collector area of up to 10 m2 Based on many years of experience and cooperation with experts in the field of solar technology, Hewalex decided to create an ALEX HX10 solar unit. Benefits: the high-efficiency WILO PARA15/7iPWM2 circulator enables to meet strict power consumption requirements compact design integrating all components in a polypropylene housing that provides thermal insulation low flow rate of the whole assembly easy installation easy filling and flushing of the device - two drain valves fast and reliable venting of the device possibility of retrofitting with additional elements such as temperature sensor, pressure switch or electronic flow meter Technical parameters: dimensions: height 375 x width 115 x depth 130 mm nominal flow 10l / min max. working temperature 110 ° C max. working pressure 6 bar 3/4 "connection Regulation (MiniSOL or GH26) is essential for the Solar 3 pump! 
448,60 €