DUAL - kit for combination underfloor heating with radiator - without cabinet

DUAL - KIT FOR COMBINATION OF UNDERFLOOR HEATING WITH RADIATOR - WITHOUT CABINET IVAR.CI 557 KS PN 6, T = +90 °C set includes: manifold with regulating flow meters, collector with shut-off valves, mounting brackets, thermostatic valvewith thermostatic head and separate immersion temperature sensor for constant temperature control, control fitting, circulatingpump with electrical installation, safety thermostat, 2 pcs of automatic deaeration valves, thermometer and 2 pcs of rotary drain valves connecting thread female 3/4 ”F material brass CW617N Note:Switching off the circulation pump is not part of the manifold, it can be solved by a superior regulation or control thermostat for circulationpumps IVAR.AC 614 E. Warning:Before each operation of the heating system, especially when combining underfloor and radiator heating, we strongly draw attention toflushing the entire system according to the manufacturer's instructions. We recommend treating the heating system with GEL.LONG LIFE 100. The seller does not carry itresponsibility for malfunctions caused by impurities in the system.
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