PE-AL-PEX pipes (pipe diameter 16 x 2 mm (200 m))

Water pipes, heating and underfloor heating The PE-AL-PEX plastic-aluminum pipe contains an internal oxygen barrier 0.3 mm thick, which prevents the penetration of oxygen into the heating, which can later cause corrosion of the material in the heating. The pipe can be connected with any brass screw or crimp connectors to any pliers. The five-layer plastic-aluminum pipes PE-AL-PEX represent an ideal combination of the best in the world of metal as well as plastic pipes. The tube itself consists of an inner and outer layer of cross-linked polyethylene and with aluminum on both sides. Thanks to the smooth inner surface made of cross-linked polyethylene, they are characterized by a small pressure drop, and do not suffer from scale build-up. The pipes also have an oxygen barrier, and are not subject to corrosion. They are easy to shape, bend and connect with press or screw fittings. Product features: pipe composition: PE-AL-PEX   available dimensions: 16 x 2/20 x 2 aluminum layer: 0.30 mm recommended couplings: screw connections thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.45 W / m.K coefficient of remote expansion of the pipe: 0.026 mm / m.K max. permissible short-term operating temperature: +95 ° C, +70 ° C continuous operation max. permissible operating pressure: 6 bar bending radius without tools: min. 5 x outer diameter in mm bending radius with bending spring: 2 x outer diameter in mm relative roughness coefficient: 0.007 mm / m standards: DIN EN ISO 21003 color: white material class: B2 according to DIN 4102 country of origin: EU The price is for 1 m of pipe. The pipes are packed in 200, 100 and 50 m. Pipes can be also purchased in meters and not just in whole packages.
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